In an age of rising energy bills, eMERGE Guelph is hunting for homes with low bills.

eMERGE’s second annual instalment of Green Energy Doors Open Guelph is just around the corner! eMERGE is looking for homeowners who have completed significant energy retrofits and are interested in sharing their stories with the community by opening their homes to the tour. 

The Colvin Home – 49 Caledonia Street, Guelph

eMERGE will be showcasing the most efficient homes in the city as part of this year’s Green Energy Doors Open Guelph. “Energy efficiency and conservation are key factors to reducing the pollution that causes climate change”  said Steve Yessie, eMERGE Home Tune-Up advisor. “We know that there are leaders in conservation out there and we want to showcase that it can be done – now”.

“It’s an opportunity for residents to share their energy achievements and passion for environmental sustainability with the city” added Yessie. Homeowners use many techniques to improve the efficiency of their homes, ranging from high tech solar photovoltaic systems and top of the line heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to more basic work, such as adding insulation and reducing drafts.

There are two homes in the works for this year’s event. One late 1800’s home with energy efficiency that exceeds modern builds, and a net-zero-ready home that demonstrates just how energy efficient new homes can get, even before solar panels.  

eMERGE will use utility bills and other information to evaluate the homes for their energy, water and money savings, as well as their reduced impact on the environment.

If you think your home could be one of the most energy efficient in Guelph, please contact Steve Yessie at eMERGE Guelph by phone: 519-763-2652 or email: