The City of Guelph is celebrating Canada Day this year, by hosting a fun afternoon celebration at Market Square, themed “3 Things For Canada”. Guelphites are asked to commit to doing 3 things that will benefit Canada. The event has many fun activities planned, as well as an opportunity to make your “3 things” pledge, and receive a sweet treat in return!

At eMERGE, we decided to make your life easy and come up with a list of 3 things you can do today, to benefit Canada right now, and in the future.

Use Your Car Less & Lower Your Carbon Footprint!

Canadians are the largest energy consumers per capita in the world! Do your part to lower the harmful emissions associated, by using the most eco friendly mode of transportation out there… your legs! Pledge to walk, bike, hike or jog to work, to school or while running errands. If doing this daily is too difficult, start by pledging to leave your car at home at least one day per week!


Cut Down On Energy Use At Home

Pledge to keep your AC off unless its absolutely necessary. Check out our blog post on how to keep cool without an AC! Simply turning off your AC and cooling yourself with techniques that minimize energy use can save you money while reducing your impact on the environment. Want to do more? Book an eMERGE Home Tune-Up! We’ll show you how to save even more money and energy in your home, and we’ll install money saving retrofits on the spot!


Cut Down On Water Use At Home

Especially outdoors!  A lot of the energy used in Guelph goes to cleaning, pumping and supplying water to homes daily. As you know by now, energy = harmful emissions, so limit the amount of watering, washing and flushing you’re doing. If you have a lawn or garden that needs watering, invest in a rain barrel! They effortlessly collect rain water for you to use (and your plants will love it).


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