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The Colvin Home – 49 Caledonia Street, Guelph

Colvin - 49 Caledonia

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Imagine doubling the floor space in your home and reducing your energy use at the same time.  This 1980’s home originally built as a bungalow has been transformed to have a second story and sustainability upgrades that lead to 40% less energy needed to heat and cool their home compared to the average home in Ontario.

That’s more money in their pocket and a lower impact on the environment!

While insulation might not be the “sexiest” of upgrades, it’s usually overlooked on home renovations. Instead this family paid a lot of attention to it, leading to lower energy bills during the summer and winter months.

During renovations this home increased insulation:

  • From R12 to R20 on the Main Floor
  • From R18 to R40 in the Attic
  • From R8 to R16 in the Basement and
  • Added R30 to the new Second Floor

Mark Energy 1

Water use is also a priority for this family. By shifting behaviours and adding low-water use technologies they use 28% less water than the average Guelph residence. This home showcases low-flow toilets, efficient taps and faucets and a 9,100 litre rain water cistern that feeds their toilets, laundry and is used to water their beautiful gardens.

colvin water graph

Other sustainability features in their home include:

  • Drain water heat recovery
  • Solar hot water heater
  • Solar Photovoltaic (electricity) system
  • Wood pellet stove
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Central indoor ventilation chimney for natural ventilation – acting as an architectural show piece as the second floor you walk on is a metal perforated surface.


Wondering if some of these changes could fit within your home? eMERGE Guelph can help you explore efficient upgrades like these through our Home Tune-up program offered free to Guelph Residents?

Save money and reduce your homes impact on the environment!

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