eMERGE Guelph


The Carter House – 60 Manitoba Street


60 Manitoba Street 

Everyone knows that a house built in the 1800s is drafty and cold, right? Well, it turns it can be quiet, comfortable and extremely energy efficient! Through improved insulation and sealing the homeowner put his expertise to work on this 1885 bungalow which now uses a quarter of the energy that an average house in Guelph does.

That’s not only money saved on energy costs, but makes for a comfy place to kick up your feet!

Why stop there? Not only is this home energy wise, it also uses 30% less water than the average home, with a greywater system installed to feed low flush toilets.

Sustainability features include:

  • Solar hot water system
  • Air-sourced heat pump for space heating and domestic hot water
  • Medium/high efficiency heat recovery ventilator
  • Straw bale wall insulation upgrade
  • Improved ceiling insulation
  • Improved sealing
  • Upgraded windows