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At eMERGE, we are committed to keep you, your family and our staff safe in these challenging times. Our Home Tune-Up  COVID-19 Protocol also ensures that our staff are fully vaccinated and undergo a COVID rapid test prior attending to your appointment. 

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The  Home Tune-Up helps reduce your utility bills, make your home more comfortable and fight climate change at the same time.

This free program gives you one-on-one advice from our trained Home Advisors that includes:

  • How to interpret your gas, hydro and water bills to see how you can save and measure up to others in Guelph.  We ask that you have these ready for your Home Tune-Up appointment. During the pandemic, you also have the option of limiting our time in your home by uploading your utility bills in advance. This will enable us to analyze them before arriving at your home.
  • On the spot free water retrofits for instant savings on energy and water bills
  • Behavioural recommendations that can lower utilities without spending money
  • Blue Built Home certification assessment (to show you’re a water saving hero)
  • Customized advice on home reno’s and improvements
  • Connections to local rebates/incentives/programs

Here are the steps to book your Home Tune-Up:

  1. Read and understand our COVID-19 Protocol
  2. Have gas and hydro bills handy – you have the option of uploading electronic copies of your utility bills in advance. eMERGE takes your privacy seriously and does not use information that directly identifies who you are. We do not require utility account numbers or personal information.  Your identifying  details will be removed.
  3. Choose your appointment from the calendar below (note that only available dates and times are shown).
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The day before your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 Home Tune-Up Screening form (sample)

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“Though I was already doing many energy-saving things in my home, I really did appreciate learning about the ones that I wasn’t.”“We have gotten the rain barrels working more efficiently. We have established more food producing plants and converted some lawn to clover and some to naturalized gardens.” “I replaced my water softener and bought a new washing machine. I also replaced a toilet with a low flow one at another property I own. Thanks for the tips. My water consumption has gone down.”


Q: What is a Home Tune-up?

A: The Home Tune-up is a one hour personalized home consultation. Your Advisor will work with you to find ways to reduce your bills, save money and help the environment.

Most homes use much more energy and water than they need. To start, they will help you analyze how your gas, electricity and water bills to see patterns that point to saving opportunities and compare your usage to other similar homes in Guelph. They will then work through your home to have a better understanding of how you use energy and water. It will be especially important to have access to the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and utility rooms.

Your advisor will also:

  • Assess the flow rate of your faucets and shower heads
  • Check for toilet leaks
  • Address the efficiency of your appliances
  • And if appropriate – install water and energy-saving devices such as low-flow shower heads and tap aerators

The trained advisor will also tell you about incentive or rebate programs that are offered in the community that match your tailored energy or water saving suggestions.

After your Home Tune-Up, you will receive a detailed Action Plan outlining hings you can do to save money, be more comfortable and fight climate change.

Q: Who is eligible to receive a Home Tune-up?

A: You are eligible if you own a home or rent in Guelph and pay your own utilities. You must be on municipal water.

Q: How much does a Home Tune-up cost?

A: The Home Tune-up is free of charge to all homeowners and renters in Guelph. Any retrofits we add to your home (shower heads or tap aerators) are also all free of charge.

Q: Who is paying for this program?

A: eMERGE Guelph was initially sponsored by funding from an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant. From there the Home Tune-Up has flourished through a collaborative effort between the City of Guelph, Union Gas, Guelph Hydro, TD Friends of the Environment, and many other smaller partners.  Funding and in-kind contributions have been provided by all project partners.