This event is part of a new virtual series designed to embrace solutions and mitigate the challenges in our fight against climate change.

And the winner is Leanne Caron Piper. Congrats!!

The ‘eMERGE EV Street Fight’ resolved: “My EV is better than yours” amongst four local politicians. Ballots cast by the public showed that an overwhelming 68.4 % voted that Councillor Leanne Caron Piper has the best EV. Congratulations Leanne, you trash talked them all with your pink boxing gloves, black eye and stitches!

As promised, this virtual Street Fight was … all fight…all EVs…ONLY FUN without trash politics. Luckily, moderator and retired superior court justice, Cas Herold didn’t have to use the penalty box last night as all politicians were respectful and well behaved. No punishment necessary, No abuser(s) caught.


Special thanks to retired judge: Cas Herold for moderating this fight and making it a big success! We also thank our street fighters: Mike Schreiner, James Gordon, Phil Allt and Leanne Caron Piper for being our EV Champions. 

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Imagine a virtual Street Fight with politicians ‘trash talking’ to prove: ‘My EV is better than yours!’

We know politicians are up for a good fight. They tend to have different views of the world and tastes in EVs. Now four of them sharpened their ‘trash talking’ skills to one up each other.

They fought to brag that:

“My EV is better than yours!”

All of these politicians got rid of gas cars and moved to electric. That one decision dropped their greenhouse gas emissions by 4 tonnes per year. Pretty impressive eh? And, yes, they also walk, bike and take advantage of public transit as well.

About the Moderator



Cas Herold | Moderator

Retired Justice of the Superior Court of Ontario, Cas Herold, will moderate the virtual Street Fight. While he has an impressive academic and legal background, even in retirement, he served in a public capacity as a member of the Ontario Review Board. eMERGE is honoured to have him as our moderator for the evening.


About our Street Fighters

They’ve decided to start early with intimidation tactics. Some are pretty scary while others maybe not so much. But we wouldn’t want to influence your decision too much. Instead we’ll give them a bit of a ‘poke in the eye with a sharp stick’ to help create the ambiance for the evening.

Apologies in advance to the grammar cops.


Mike Schreiner | MPP for Guelph, Leader of the Green Party Of Ontario

… and Street Fighter

Mike calls this: “Hold my beer while I scare the others”look .


We bet his mom would tell him to wipe that smirk off his face. We’re pretty sure he’d comply in a hurry!

In fact, Mike’s been known in political circles as being a ‘nice guy’.

A nice guy? In politics?

Recently, super top secret reliable sources informed the eMERGE Intelligence Team (ya that’s a thing) that he’s actually in the running for the Lady Byng Trophy at Queens Park.

Wouldn’t a hockey team’s enforcer have a better chance winning a Street Fight than a nice guy Lady Byng Trophy winner wannabe!

Could this be a deceptively devious diversionary tactic from a street savvy kid that grew up “in the hood”of a prairie family farm?

We have to wonder what the odds makers do with Mike.


James Gordon | Guelph City Councillor, Ward 2

… and Street Fighter

Councillor Gordon’s childhood is steeped in the underbelly of downtown Rockwood’s back alleys. Those creepy streets made him into the ruffian he is today.

Leaving all that behind, he paddled his canoe down the Eramosa River to the megalopolis of Guelph. There he found his true calling: the mean streets of politics.

He claims to have street cred. The last politician that gave him a hard time can be seen in the back seat of his EV – lacking a heart beat. That yellow haired guy in his car looks surprisingly like a leader from south of the boarder!

In case you didn’t notice, Gordon’s bloodcurdling, sartorial opulence is topped off with a frightening fedora (it better be a Guelph Biltmore!). His always fashionable bib is strategically placed on his chest to catch the big chunks that miss his mouth. All of this is grounded with a pair of recently sharpened pointy toed spit kickin cowboy boots.

Look out Lady Byng Trophy wannabe. These boots are made for kicking!

(next time someone should tell him to wash his car for a photo shoot)


Phil Allt | Guelph City Councillor, Ward 3

… and Street Fighter

With some guys it’s all about the tools. Or is it the big-boy-toys?

Allt shows up for the photo shoot with an EV that cuts four tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year compared to a gas car. He’s doing the right thing. Right? Then he adorns himself with a loud, gas guzzling, two stroke, polluting chainsaw.

What was he thinking?

He could have stopped with just the ax, but noooo. His opponents are gonna have a field day with this one. Even Nice guy Mike is gonna ‘smirk’ all over him for that move.

However, Gordon’s spit kickin boots would be toast in seconds with that disgusting polluting ICE (internal combustion engine) chainsaw.

We’ll have to watch out for any other toys this lumberjack wannabe brings to the Street Fight.

We’ve all seen the network journalist reporting from home without wearing pants. Along that line, Allt didn’t get the official City of Guelph memo entitled: During a pandemic always check for pants before leaving the house.


Leanne Caron Piper | Guelph City Councillor, Ward 5

… and Street Fighter

We think the boys should be worried. Really worried.

There aren’t many politicians that can kick above their heads.

Think it’s easy? Go ahead, try it, we dare you!

She did Karate for some time along with gymnastics and still does the splits. However, super top secret reliable sources informed the eMERGE Intelligence Team (ya them again) that the splits are usually easier for her if Tequila is involved.

Can you say “kick ass political Street Fighter with pink boxing gloves”. That has a catchy ring to it doesn’t it?

Her last street fight left her with a black eye and stitches. Take a close look. If you think that’s nasty, you should see what happened to the 6 guys that disagreed with her.


Acronyms that will help you:– ICE: internal combustion engine- EV: electric vehicle


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