This webinar is part of a new virtual series designed to embrace solutions and mitigate the challenges in our fight against climate change.



While Covid-19 has likely caused a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, we know the structural issues that caused emissions to rise in 2018 continue to exists. Going back to business as usual will not be an option as emissions would continue to get worse.

What happened and how can we prevent this trend from continuing?

Sarah Buchanan from Environmental Defence discussed the impacts that structural systems have on increasing our GHG emissions in Ontario. For more details Read her blog here.

‘Why are Ontario’s GHGs going up instead of down?’ was held on May 27, 2020. A recording of the Webinar can be found on our Youtube Channel here

The joint slide deck from eMERGE and Environment Defence is now available here.



  • Sarah Buchanan, Clean Economy Program Manager at Environment Defence
  • Evan Ferrari, Executive Directer at eMERGE Guelph

Special thanks to out our sponsors and friends of eMERGE for their outstanding support.

About the presenter

Sarah Buchanan | Program Manager, Clean Economy @sbuchananTO

Sarah began her environmental activism at age six, when she proudly began wearing a t-shirt with the word RECYCLE spelled out in silver sequins. Sarah has worked for the last 15 years in advocacy, media, and politics in both Ontario and British Columbia. She was inspired to join Environmental Defense’s team through a desire to drive swift action on climate change, and now works with people, businesses, and government to advocate for climate solutions in Ontario. Read Sarah’s blogs here.here.

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