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Intro to CanBike

June 27 @ 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Riding your bike in traffic can be daunting. Learn how to gain confidence and feel more comfortable on the road.

We know that biking is better than driving when it comes to the environment and our health. But many of us just don’t feel safe on the road. That’s one of the most common reasons we use for not cycling. We just don’t feel safe – especially on streets.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has provided the opportunity for more people than ever to dust off their bikes and ride.

This course is all about building confidence. Confidence that comes from better cycling skills that enable you to make more informed decisions on where and when to ride.

Based on the national CanBike program this one-day cycling class for adults will build on the technical basics of riding and traffic dynamics to help you approach biking from a defensive riding approach. It includes a classroom session, skills development in a parking lot and finally on-road riding. We will ensure that all COVID measures are followed.

Many of you will know this program as an integral part of the cycling curriculum offered by CELP, Headwaters and TERRA environmental High School programs in Guelph. Your instructor has been teaching CanBike programs for over 20 years to more than a thousand people including police officers, adults, high school students and children.

Intro to CanBike

On Road session

9:00 am – 1:00 pm Sunday, June 27, 2021

Virtual Classroom Session

1.5 hours online – This is mandatory and will occur prior to the on road session (above). A mutually agreed upon time will be decided by all participants in advance.

Location – close to downtown Guelph (final location currently being confirmed)

Intro to CanBike will help you learn new skills, gain confidence and take more control. A real ‘must’ for anyone that wants to ride more confidently in the city and in traffic

Class size is limited to only 6 students Originally this course had a maximum of 4 students due to covid-19 restrictions. The province will permit up to 10 people to be part of this type of program.

[There will be a virtual meeting via Zoom to go through the basis of CanBike course]

The day before the event, you will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 Screening form (sample).

Please note that we will still be practicing social distancing during the course. We are considering offering more classes based on demonstrated demand.

The cost is $80 plus Eventbrite fees and HST. The instructor will contact you to provide further information and necessary prep work to be completed prior to the class.


A note about the cost: eMERGE always attempts to make it’s programs financially accessible to those that may not be able to afford it. However, given that we have to limit the number of people in this class due to COVID, we are unable to offer a reduced rate at this time. If we can provide larger classes in the future, we will attempt to once again offer this opportunity. We appreciate your understanding.

About eMERGE

eMERGE fights climate change to build a healthier society. It does this by helping people reduce energy and water use.

Promoting smart behavior, policy and improved efficiency helps Guelph build a road map to achieve 100% renewable energy decades before 2050. This has the added benefit of a healthier community and a more resilient local economy.


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