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Intro to CanBike

downtown Guelph Guelph

Riding your bike in traffic can be daunting. Learn how to gain confidence and feel more comfortable on the road. We know that biking is better than driving when it comes to the environment and our health. But many of us just don't feel safe on the road. That's one of the most common reasons […]


Invest… as if Climate Change Matters

Online eMERGE , ON

How to put our money where our earth is Money can change our lives and the environment. For better or worse, whether we have any or none at all. Profiting from fossil fuels has poured more fuel on the fire of climate change. But now, even large investors are recognizing that a fundamental shift toward […]

Rainwater Harvesting

Online eMERGE , ON

  From summer rain barrels to 4 season systems About this Event Imagine using rain from your rooftop to water your garden or even flush your toilets and wash your clothes. Learn how you can buy a rain barrel from the City of Guelph and access rebates up to $2,000 for whole home rainwater harvesting […]