Did you know that this June is Bike Month? From May 28th – June 30th there will be many events across Ontario to celebrate biking.

To kick off this celebration of healthy and fun transportation, Monday May 28th is Bike to Work Day! People across the country will be collectively biking to work together to celebrate cycling.

Sign up for Bike to Work Day on May 28th and you could win a $500 voucher to MEC or VIA Rail! To register visit http://bikemonth.ca/biketoworkday. You can also gain another contest entry by referring a friend or coworker to sign up. Contestants must participate in a Bike to Work or Bike Month event and guess what, you’re in luck!

Guelph is having the Love Your Bike Festival again this year on Saturday June 23rd. It will be located at St Andrews Church, 161 Norfolk St, Guelph. You can learn more about this event at http://bikemonth.ca/events/1588?location=guelph.

We will be at the Love Your Bike Festival to chat about Renewable Energy in Guelph and our Home Tune Up program – but we’ll also compliment your bike skills!  Biking is prominently one of the healthiest modes of transportation for individuals, communities and the globe. To lower your fossil fuel usage, biking can be a big step to changing your emissions. By biking instead of driving you can save anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000 from not having to purchase as much gas. The most efficient way of transportation is using your own energy to transport yourself. It will help you save money and the environment while also getting a workout in at the same time. Come find our booth chat more about it! 

If you are interested in what other events are happening in Guelph for Bike Month you can view the list at http://bikemonth.ca/events?location=guelph.