Exciting progression is taking place in Guelph! With all of your help from the citizens of Guelph along with eMERGE we were able to encourage Guelph to pass the vote on Renewable Energy by 2050 (corporate target)!! This past Monday, City Council approved the target to get Guelph City operations using 100% Renewable Energy by 2050. All city operations including water pumping, waste management, city vehicles and buildings, public transit and more will all transition to renewable energy. 

City Council unanimously accepted Our Energy Guelph’s recommendations for bettering energy consumption and use in Guelph. They also approved the City of Guelph’s associations with Our Energy Guelph as a primary stakeholder and partner. One of the most prominent recommendations for the community is a target to push Guelph to become a net zero carbon community by 2050. Along with that, the task force also recommended these other five actions to be put in place immediately:

  1. Develop energy efficiency retrofit programs for homes built before 1980
  2. Develop energy efficiency retrofit programs for industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings
  3. Develop more efficient building requirements for new homes in Guelph (do better than the Ontario Building Code)
  4. Encourage solar panel installations to help homeowners offset their own household electricity use.
  5. Convert Guelph Transit buses to an all-electric fleet

If you haven’t made the pledge yet, take the steps to commit to 100% RE on our website. This was only part of the good news as we continue to pursue Guelph to become a 100% Renewable Energy city.

Guelph is ready! To learn more about 100% RE visit https://emergeguelph.ca/our-programs/100reguelph/. Make the pledge by clicking the link “Make The 100% Renewable Commitment”.

For the full City of Guelph article, please visit https://guelph.ca/2018/05/council-unanimously-accepts-energy-guelphs-community-energy-recommendations/.