Happy World Environment Day! To celebrate, we’ve come up with a list of quick and easy things you can do today to save energy, keep money in your pocket, and reduce your footprint.

save energy

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

Many appliances, including phone chargers and kitchen appliances, continue to use energy even when they aren’t in use! Save energy by unplugging all of your appliances after using them, or by purchasing an advanced power bar with a timer and auto-shutoff. (find coupons here)


Install A Programmable Thermostat

Save money and energy by installing a programmable thermostat to control heating and air conditioning. When combined with a good power plan, programmable thermostats can save between 10-30% of your energy bill by turning on only during off-peak times, and automatically shutting off when the desired temperature has been reached. (find coupons here


Replace All Bulbs With LEDs

Lighting in homes uses a substantial amount of energy, and inefficiently at that! A high percentage of electricity is wasted as heat and that can take money out of your pocket. Simply switching old and inefficient bulbs, for high efficiency, long lasting LED bulbs will save you energy and money! (find coupons here


Buy Local Food

Buying food grown and produced in Ontario saves a great deal of energy by reducing the distance it has to travel to get to your table. Purchasing local food also supplements Ontario’s economy by creating jobs and opportunities for local farmers and businesses – and it tastes great!


Book An eMERGE Home Tune-up!

Booking a Home Tune-up with eMERGE is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to save money and energy in your home today! Simply sign up here for your free, one hour consultation. We provide on-the-spot retrofits, explain and compare gas and hydro bills and provide connections to money-saving incentives and rebates. We follow up by sending a customized Action Plan for increasing the efficiency of your home. It is a great way for you to save money and give back to your community through easy conservation!