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17 Aberdeen St., Guelph

Imagine cutting your home energy use by 63%. Now imagine cutting your water bill in half. That’s exactly what the Braendli’s did.

We’ve come to expect century homes to be drafty, expensive to heat, and detrimental to the environment. While the Braendli home was built in 1913, it’s more efficient than almost all other homes in Guelph, producing 88% less of pollution that causes climate change. In fact, it competes with brand new Net Zero Ready energy homes.  The Braendlis have shown that an old home can be comfortable, warm, and save you money.

The most important thing to see here – is what you can’t see!

When buying and renovating their century old bungalow the Braendlis were keen to ensure efficiency and comfort were top of mind. Significant attention was given to insulation and air sealing – the biggest contributor to reducing energy needs. They also installed triple glazed windows and high efficiency doors to reduce winter heat loss. The most important thing to see here is what you can’t see.

The homeowners also rely solely on electric heat for space and water heating. While the renovation was completed with electric baseboard heating, the Braendlis recently installed an air source heat pump to help heat and cool their main living space – using 2 to 3 times less energy than the baseboards (and 2 to 3 times less energy than a natural gas furnace-if it was heated by gas). If you think the energy reductions are significant now, check back in a year when they realize additional energy savings through their heat pump.

What makes these homeowners even more impressive is that they use less than half the water of the typical Guelphite. The Braendlis have installed many water saving devices from low-flow toilets, shower heads and aerators to a water wise dishwasher and washing machine. Using water saving equipment  to achieve water savings is important. But behavioural changes have been integral to their success. In fact, the Braendlis are also certified under the city’s Blue Built Home Program – a citywide certification for households that implement proven water saving technologies and strategies.  Braendlis home is listed in the city’s Hall of Fame this year as they both proved to be water heroes.

You, too can be water heroes and reduce water costs by as much as 60 per cent without making any compromises on day-to-day water use activities like showering and laundry. Replacing inefficient water fixtures and appliances in apartments can result in water savings of more than 20 per cent per unit. If you want to learn more contact Water Services at the City of Guelph, 519-822-1260 extension 2628 or by email: bluebuilthome@guelph.ca .

While average water use in Guelph compares well to provincial numbers, the Braendlis use only 79 litres each per day. Their story is proof positive that changing behaviours and investing in technologies that save energy and water have a profound impact – substantially reducing utility costs and environmental impact.

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