eMERGE Guelph


8151 County Rd 124, Guelph/Eramosa

Anyone familiar with the three little pigs knows that the house of straw was a bad idea – but not so fast.

Meet the Tedesco’s. On a farm just outside Guelph, their straw bale home makes Net Zero look wasteful! Thick walls are insulated to twice the value of the Ontario building code. The house is well sealed, has extremely limited thermal bridging and utilizes its specific orientation to take advantage of the suns pattern through the sky. All of this has led these homeowners to cut their energy and greenhouse gas emissions by 80% each.

This home also boasts a modest sized, 3 kW, solar array that feeds 8 batteries.

Regardless of building a green home, these homeowners are still very conscious of wasteful behaviour. Energy efficient LED lights and high efficiency ceiling fans are only used if needed. They’ve also chose not to install air conditioning. Good insulation allows them to maintain a level of cool comfort through the day, while opening up the house at night to take advantage of the cool evening air.

This conservationist mentality extends to water use. As this small farm can get quite thirsty the Tedesco’s have installed 6,000 litres of rainwater capture that helps feed gardens and growing food.

Despite being built with a propane backup these homeowners have relied almost solely on their efficient wood pellet stove to keep them warm through cold winter nights. Since moving in in 2012 they have relied so little on the backup propane furnace that the utility company has contacted them to make sure everything is okay.


Sustainability features include:

  • Walls insulated to R-45
  • Attic space insulated above R-60
  • 6,000 litres of storm water capture
  • 3 kW solar system with battery storage
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • No air conditioner
  • LEDs throughout the house
  • All ceiling fans have high efficiency electrical motors.

You too can be like the Tedescos and can start today by booking your free eMERGE Home Tune Up here!