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The Finlay/Pocock House – 40 Spring Street, Guelph

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How about saving $2,000 a year heating your 147-year-old house?  This beautiful 1860’s Victorian home spans 2,700 square feet and needs less than half the heat compared to other Guelph Homes.

Starting with virtually none, this family added close to 2 times the amount of insulation than the average Guelph home during retrofits. Classic Victorian style windows were also preserved but upgraded with inserts to help reduce heat loss and drafts.

This century home is heated with a high efficiency natural gas boiler supplemented with a beautiful and high efficiency ceramic wood burning Kachelofen (try to say that three times fast) with wood that they get from the property. Even when considering the cost of buying the wood (which they don’t have to do) they have taken the heating bill from about $3,300 in 2007 to less than $1,000/year today.

Compared to smaller homes built today, this heritage home more than pulls its weight.

Ian energy 1

ian energy 2


This household is a star when it comes to water as the use is 37% less than the Guelph Average. They did this by using efficient toilets and appliances and native plantings around their home to reduce outdoor water us.

Findlay Water Chart


Other sustainability features in their home include:

  • locally sourced wood for countertops, baseboards and flooring
  • Water efficient appliances
  • Rain barrel water harvesting


You’re home can be like the Findlay house too. Start today by booking your free eMERGE Home Tune Up here!