Could Net Zero Energy be a model for development in the Clair-Maltby area?

A project in London, Ontario, is exceeding Guelph’s 2050 energy and sustainability goals today.  Could this be a vision for Clair Maltby and the Baker District? We want to share this project with you at 7:00pm on Tuesday February 19, 2019 (the day after the long weekend).

West 5 is Ontario’s first Net Zero energy community integrated development that uses multi-use principles to create a walkable community that significantly reduces the impact of our daily lives on the environment.  What’s more, these buildings cost significantly less to operate than conventional construction. In this integrated approach, features from rain water harvesting and permeable surfaces to state of the art building envelopes that enable the community to be net zero energy with locally generated electricity.
The first net zero energy community in Ontario shows us that it can be done – today.

Guelph is a critical juncture with two major developments in the city:
1) Clair-Maltby with almost 1,000 acres of land destined for development; and 2) Baker Street re-development that is expected to include a new library, retail, commercial and residential buildings.

We think that both of these developments should meet or exceed the standards that West 5 has set.

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