100% Poster 7

Communities around the world and across Canada have declared their intent to be 100 percent renewable before mid-century.  This is an ambitious target to say the least.  Some would say unrealistic.  In any case, the questions above are worth asking.  An evolving energy policy landscape and faster-than-anticipated technological advancement, combined with growing concerns around climate change and consumer empowerment, has opened up new opportunities for structural change in local energy systems toward local, renewable generation.

Local not-for-profit eMERGE Guelph will be hosting a friendly, balanced conversation that will center on these and other questions. The entire community is welcome to share thoughts over the course of a facilitated community discussion following a brief presentation from Dr. Kirby Calvert, Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Guelph and co-Director of the Community Energy Knowledge-Action Partnership (www.cekap.ca).

Anyone interested in joining the conversation can register on Eventbrite. The event is taking place Friday, March 24, at eMERGE Guelph in the Old Quebec St. Mall.