A Song of ICE and Electric

Rivalry is erupting between the eMERGE EV (Electric Vehicle) Show and the 3rd Annual Downtown Guelph Exotic Car Show, both taking place on Sunday June 2 from noon to 4 PM.  Everything from 16 cylinder gas powered exotic cars to zero-emission EVs will be spread out from St. George’s Square to Carden Street in downtown Guelph.

The 3rd Annual Downtown Guelph Exotic Car Show, hosted by Prince Adventures Exotic Car Group on Carden Street and Wilson Street, will exhibit over 110 cars as they fundraise for Big Brothers Big Sisters Guelph.  Simultaneously, the eMERGE Guelph EV Show will host more than 30 EVs with their owners and dealers on hand to discuss with the EV curious.  The EV show will have free test drives available, as well as an EV 101 seminar that will answer the most common questions for potential buyers. 

Winning the Guelph throne

“Thousands of cars are bought in Guelph every year.  Switching to EVs swiftly cuts 25% of annual household emissions,” says Evan Ferrari, Executive Director of eMERGE. “Gas power may be the kings of exotic cars, but we climate change fighters will be the real rulers of Guelph on Sunday.”

“There will be something for everyone this weekend,” says Jamie Prince, Founder of Prince Adventures Exotic Car Group.  “Our 3rd annual show will be electrifying in its own way.  Guelphites going green can check out the electric cars, but we know the red hot vehicles will be with us.”  Prince adds that while it is relatively uncommon in the exotic community, a Porsche 918 hybrid vehicle was showcased in the 2018 show. This year, at least three exotic EVs will be featured.

“May the best car rev”

Cross-promoting the two shows is an excellent opportunity to speak to a broad audience, especially one that may not be initially receptive to climate change messaging.  Climate change is a complex problem, and it involves reaching out to hardcore environmentalists and exotic car lovers alike.

Switching to EVs helps Guelph achieve its goal of 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, a commitment made in 2018.  A number of local politicians have jumped the EV bandwagon, including 30% of city council and our MPP.

 “We’ll let the crowd decide whether electric or exotic wins the Guelph throne on Sunday.  As long as people come, stay, and buy things,” says Marty Williams, executive director of Downtown Guelph. He isn’t taking sides in the competition and is just looking forward to spending a sunny June Sunday with the 8000+ people expected to attend.  “May the best car rev,” Williams says.