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Rainwater Harvesting

Online eMERGE , ON

  From summer rain barrels to 4 season systems About this Event Imagine using rain from your rooftop to water your garden or even flush your toilets and wash your clothes. Learn how you can buy a rain barrel from the City of Guelph and access rebates up to $2,000 for whole home rainwater harvesting […]

2021 Climate Change Hero

Online eMERGE , ON

Dr. Pierre Fogal, eMERGE Climate Change Hero A 6,000 kilometer commute is not what comes to mind when we think of fighting climate change. But that's exactly what Dr. Pierre Fogal does when he travels from Guelph to his office in Eureka, Nunavut. Situated on Ellesmere Island, he leads a team of researchers at the […]

Are EVs Bad? for the environment and social justice

Online eMERGE , ON

Many people understand that EVs can fulfill their driving requirements. But there still are concerns over the environmental and social justice implications of ditching their internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle for an EV. A new University of Guelph study (Benefits and Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption in the City of Guelph) highlights many of the […]