eMERGE Guelph

The McAuley Home/Office – 360 Woolwich Street

At first blush this 1890s home seems to use more than its fair share of energy? What’s the dealeMERGE?

On further inspection this large 3,000 square foot home AND office uses 36% less energy per square foot than the typical Guelph residence. It also out-performs the latest energy star rated homes. Pretty impressive, right?

What makes this space so efficient is not fancy technology or brand new upgrades. Instead retrofits completed 30 years ago focused on sealing and insulation. The end result: a quiet, comfortable office space, with 30+ years of lower bills. That’s a lot of money saved!

Sustainable features include:

  • Solar hot water system
  • Improved Sealing
  • Upgraded insulation

You’re home can be like the McAuley house too. Start today by booking your free eMERGE Home Tune Up here!