eMERGE Guelph

Guelph needs to commit to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050!

More than 1,000 cities around the world, including Vancouver and Oxford County, have already committed to transition their communities to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Meeting Guelph’s energy needs with sustainable renewable energy is achievable! eMERGE wants to remove barriers to the fast adoption of renewable energy while also encouraging the productive use of clean, green energy, through enhanced efforts to increase efficiency, conservation and electric mobility, here in Guelph!


Why 100% Renewable?

Committing to 100% renewable energy in Guelph will transform our local economy for the better.  An economy that will focus on putting our neighbours and families to work by investing in:

  • Using less energy
  • Using energy more wisely
  • Producing more clean energy alternatives locally.

This will:

  • Create more local jobs
  • Attract innovative businesses to the city
  • Keep more of the half a billion a year in energy costs that leave the city in Guelph
  • Build a more resilient energy system
  • Make Guelph an economic and environmental model for other communities to follow
  • Mitigate and fight climate change
  • Heal and conserve the environment


How Do We Get To 100 RE?

Double Energy Productivity By 2040:

  •  Efficiency and conservation are the first steps to lowering our impact on the environment. They also help to ensure the green energy we produce is more productive. According to government studies, we have the potential to cut our energy demand in half by 2040.

Transition To Renewables

  • A switch to renewable energy means a switch to a more decentralized energy system where everyone from citizens, co-ops and schools to municipalities can become energy producers. A more localized system, with opportunities for community-ownership and participation will also increase public support for renewables, and provide more jobs.

Build Resilient Communities

  • Give communities the tools they need to go 100% renewable, in order to strengthen local power production and distribution systems, and rely less on a small handful of power plants to keep the lights on

Seize The Opportunity

  • The cost of renewable energy is declining rapidly. Guelph’s energy initiative needs to ensure that we are ready to take advantage of the clean energy sector to lower our energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen system resilience and increase the number of Guelph citizens and businesses that benefit from generating zero emission energy.

Electrify The Energy System

  • Guelph needs to switch off of fossil fuels for all energy consumption, including transportation! Ontario has shown leadership by getting rid of coal – and we’re all better off because of it. Now, as the province gets serious about climate change, is no time to back, and increase our reliance on natural gas.

Residents, tell the city to commit to 100% Renewable Energy Here.


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