eMERGE Guelph

At eMERGE, we offer two programs to the Guelph Community, the Home Tune-Up and 100% Renewable Energy Guelph. 

The Home Tune-Up is our keystone project at eMERGE. Our program helps Guelph homeowners conserve energy and water in their homes through on-the-spot retrofits, and connections to rebates and incentives. eMERGE started the Home Tune-Up program as a way to save homeowners money and reduce their impact on the environment, a mission to relieve the heavy strain on Ontario’s energy infrastructure.

The Home Tune-Up Program took off, and a few years later 100% Renewable Energy Guelph was born! 100% Renewable Energy Guelph goes hand-in-hand with the Home Tune-Up in mitigating climate change, saving money, and improving renewable energy uptake and infrastructure. Let us explain:

The first step in adopting renewable energy infrastructure is energy conservation. Energy and water conservation naturally decreases the amount of energy required by homes and cities. A smaller energy demand allows renewable infrastructure (local to Guelph) to cover all the energy needed, without the help of (imported) fossil fuels!

If you want to do your part for the planet and for Guelph, don’t hesitate to take the first step! Sign up for a Home Tune-Up, then continue to follow our 100% Renewable Energy Guelph Program for further initiatives and events that you can be involved in.