Guelph drivers are increasingly buying new gas guzzling vehicles at an alarming rate. Almost 80% of new vehicles in 2021 were light trucks (pickup trucks, SUVs and vans). This number has been steadily rising from 66% in 2017. These new trucks are causing 87% more climate change pollution than a new mid-size car.

Even with the combination of rising gas prices and an increasing variety of electric vehicles (EVs), people seem to be opting for larger, less efficient vehicles.

Guelph has been an environmental leader in waste management and water conservation, but somehow we’ve decided that burning 87% more gas in larger vehicles is OK. Gas and diesel vehicles – especially the larger ones – consume more energy, require more maintenance and are worse for the environment than EVs.

EV drivers spend only 20¢ on the $1.00 for fuel and cut their climate change emissions by over 3 tonnes per year. Furthermore, EV’s cost less to operate over the life of the vehicle compared to common vehicles.

But there is hope! In Norway, over 80% of all new vehicle sales were electric vehicles that cut climate pollution by over 70%. Guelph can do the same, and we want to help people get there with the Electric Car Test Drives and 101 classes.

To combat this trend, eMERGE Guelph is hosting EV test drives and EV101 classes (registration required) to help drivers learn everything they need to know about buying an EV – including rebates from $1,000 (used) to $5,000 (new).

All of this for free with their friends from PlugnDrive and Alectra. There will also be eMERGE EV ambassadors at the event: EV owners from the Guelph community that can answer questions.

eMERGE Electric Car Test Drives
Sunday, June 5th 2022
10am – 5pm
Free Test Drives: 10:00 am – 5:00pm
EV 101 Sessions: 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm
42 Carden St Guelph.




About Plug ‘N’ Drive
Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to maximize their environmental and economic benefits


There are many ways to fight climate change.

But when it comes to transportation planning our approach at eMERGE is quite clear. Society has to take an approach that prioritizes 1) walking, and then 2) cycling, followed by 3) electrified public transit, and finally 4) electrified personal transportation (cars). There are up to 8,000 new cars purchased in Guelph every year. eMERGE wants to help people make the switch to EVs.

About eMERGE

eMERGE Guelph Sustainability fights climate change to build a healthier society. It does this by engaging, and equipping Guelphites to transition to a 100% renewable energy (100RE) economy. It uses the narrative of achieving 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 as a positive goal to win this battle. This is done primarily by helping people reduce energy and water use through an individual residential focus along with community events, outreach and engagement that promote smart behavior, policy and improved efficiency to help Guelph build a road map to beat climate change and achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.

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