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Invest… as if Climate Change Matters

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How to put our money where our earth is Money can change our lives and the environment. For better or worse, whether we have any or none at all. Profiting from fossil fuels has poured more fuel on the fire of climate change. But now, even large investors are recognizing that a fundamental shift toward […]

Intro to CanBike

downtown Guelph Guelph, Ontario

Riding your bike in traffic can be daunting. Learn how to gain confidence and feel more comfortable on the road. We know that biking is better than driving when it comes to the environment and our health. But many of us just don't feel safe on the road. That's one of the most common reasons […]


Wanna be a Waterhero?

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Guelph takes water conservation seriously We have to. We're the largest community in Canada relying on groundwater for our supply. Compared to other cities our wells take longer to replenish and are more vulnerable to overuse. That’s why the city created the Blue Built Home program: to motivate, celebrate, rebate and reward your water conservation efforts. On […]


2050 Is Too Late

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1st target of 2030 is like telling a child in grade 1 they won't be evaluated until grade 9 The latest science showing the need for 'climate action now' couldn't be clearer. And while the city has acknowledged that we are in a climate emergency, our first climate target isn't until 2030. That's like telling […]

Salty Softeners Salty Rivers

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  We know that road salt is bad for our beloved Speed River. But what about that invisible source of salt in our basements? Water softeners can compete with volumes of road salt that we pour into our rivers. And while road salt use in Guelph is going down, softener salt is actually going up! […]

Talk as if Climate Change Matters

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eMERGE hosts Katharine Hayhoe, one of Time Magazine’s '100 Most Influential People'. Communicating climate change to motivate action has been a challenge. The scientific community continues to provide more evidence that we need to act now. This approach can however, paralyze some into inaction. Research has shown that there is a better way. Katharine Hayhoe will join us in sharing […]


Women’s EV Night

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Celebrate International Women's Day at the eMERGE Women's EV Night For women by women. When it comes to buying an electric vehicle (EV), it still appears to be a man's world. In fact, up to 70% of EVs are purchased by men, despite typical car ownership falling along typical gender lines. We know that more […]

Rainwater Harvesting

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From summer rain barrels to 4 season systems Imagine using rain from your rooftop to water your garden, wash your clothes and even flush your toilets. Learn how you can buy a rain barrel from the City of Guelph and access rebates up to $2,000 for whole home rain water harvesting systems. This can be […]

Electric Car Test Drives

10C 42 Carden Street, Guelph, ON

eMERGE Guelph is hosting EV test drives and EV101 classes that make you eligible for up to $2,000 used EV rebates and $5,000 in new EV rebates.


2022 eMERGE Ecomarket

  We're back and celebrating our lucky13th anniversary! The eMERGE EcoMarket will be attracting up to 5,000 people to Downtown Guelph's Old Quebec Street Shoppes (map), welcoming families and residents looking to discover their path to environmental living! This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to promote your environmental work. It will connect you […]