Water efficiency equals money in your pocket!

Is your home water efficient? Do you know about the Blue Built Home program in Guelph? You could receive rebates of up to $2,460.

The Blue Built Home program is helping homeowners in Guelph save money while reducing their water consumption. To qualify, homeowners can install retrofitting devices such as Energy Star dishwashers and washing machines or WaterSense toilets or showerheads. Each device has a different rebate amount that can be collected by filling out the Blue Built Home Sign Up and Certification/Rebate forms. Grey water reuse systems and all season indoor-outdoor rainwater harvesting systems have the largest rebates.

Already have some of these systems? Amazing! You may qualify! Become a Blue Built Home today.

Don’t have any of these devices? This could be a chance for you to consider making your home more water efficient!

Visit http://guelph.ca/living/environment/water/water-conservation/blue-built-home/ to find more information and the forms to sign up and book a Home Tune Up visit so we can help you make sure you’re on the right path to becoming a Blue Built Home. Book your free one hour Home Tune Up by visiting www.emergeguelph.ca/our-programs/home.