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Posted June 25, 2019
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Posted May 31, 2019

A Song of ICE and Electric

Rivalry is erupting between the eMERGE EV (Electric Vehicle) Show and the 3rd Annual Downtown Guelph Exotic Car Show, both taking place on Sunday June 2 from noon to 4 PM.  Everything from 16 cylinder gas powered exotic cars to zero-emission EVs will be spread out from St. George’s Square to Carden Street in downtown Guelph.

The 3rd Annual Downtown Guelph Exotic Car Show, hosted by Prince Adventures Exotic Car Group on Carden Street and Wilson Street, will exhibit over 110 cars as they fundraise for Big Brothers Big Sisters Guelph.  Simultaneously, the eMERGE Guelph EV Show will host more than 30 EVs with their owners and dealers on hand to discuss with the EV curious.  The EV show will have free test drives available, as well as an EV 101 seminar that will answer the most common questions for potential buyers. 

Winning the Guelph throne

“Thousands of cars are bought in Guelph every year.  Switching to EVs swiftly cuts 25% of annual household emissions,” says Evan Ferrari, Executive Director of eMERGE. “Gas power may be the kings of exotic cars, but we climate change fighters will be the real rulers of Guelph on Sunday.”

“There will be something for everyone this weekend,” says Jamie Prince, Founder of Prince Adventures Exotic Car Group.  “Our 3rd annual show will be electrifying in its own way.  Guelphites going green can check out the electric cars, but we know the red hot vehicles will be with us.”  Prince adds that while it is relatively uncommon in the exotic community, a Porsche 918 hybrid vehicle was showcased in the 2018 show. This year, at least three exotic EVs will be featured.

“May the best car rev”

Cross-promoting the two shows is an excellent opportunity to speak to a broad audience, especially one that may not be initially receptive to climate change messaging.  Climate change is a complex problem, and it involves reaching out to hardcore environmentalists and exotic car lovers alike.

Switching to EVs helps Guelph achieve its goal of 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, a commitment made in 2018.  A number of local politicians have jumped the EV bandwagon, including 30% of city council and our MPP.

 “We’ll let the crowd decide whether electric or exotic wins the Guelph throne on Sunday.  As long as people come, stay, and buy things,” says Marty Williams, executive director of Downtown Guelph. He isn’t taking sides in the competition and is just looking forward to spending a sunny June Sunday with the 8000+ people expected to attend.  “May the best car rev,” Williams says. 

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Posted March 21, 2019
Rebates for Used Electric Vehicles 

A Guelph environmental group introduces rebates for used electric vehicles (EV) this Saturday. “Our goal is to help price conscious car buyers make the move to electric” said Evan Ferrari, Executive Director of eMERGE Guelph. “We know that there is demand for affordable electric EVs – and every gas car off the road cuts household climate pollution by 4 tonnes a year” he continued. 

The rebate will be $1,000 towards the purchase of a used EV. The program starts April 15th for those that want to travel to the Plug’n Drive EV centre in Toronto or they can attend the Guelph EV Roadshow Sunday, June 2, 2019 .

As part of the 12th annual EcoMarket, eMERGE Guelph will also be packing St. George’s Square with EV owners on Saturday, March 23 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ‘Celebrity’ EV owners will include Mayor Cam Guthrie, MPP Mike Schreiner and councilors Leanne Piper and James Gordon.

Transportation is a significant source of household climate change emissions. “eMERGE wants to bring the technology and enthusiastic EV owners to the square to share their experiences” said Ferrari. The eMERGE EcoMarket will extend beyond EVs into Old Quebec Street Shoppes. There it will showcase exhibitors promoting green products, services and programs ranging from worm composting to electric cars.

They see this as an important part of the solution to climate change that will help us get to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Heading into its 12th year, the EcoMarket has witnessed a steadily growing crowd. In 2018, over 2,000 people were part of the expo.

The EcoMarket is once again partnered with the City of Guelph’s H2O Go Festival, promoting water conservation, environmental stewardship and hosting a variety of games and workshops for families.


We work with amazing partners! 
Thanks Steve (City of Guelph), Karen (Old Quebec St Shoppes) and Rasha (eMERGE).
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Posted February 14, 2019

Could Net Zero Energy be a model for development in the Clair-Maltby area?

A project in London, Ontario, is exceeding Guelph’s 2050 energy and sustainability goals today.  Could this be a vision for Clair Maltby and the Baker District? We want to share this project with you at 7:00pm on Tuesday February 19, 2019 (the day after the long weekend).

West 5 is Ontario’s first Net Zero energy community integrated development that uses multi-use principles to create a walkable community that significantly reduces the impact of our daily lives on the environment.  What’s more, these buildings cost significantly less to operate than conventional construction. In this integrated approach, features from rain water harvesting and permeable surfaces to state of the art building envelopes that enable the community to be net zero energy with locally generated electricity.
The first net zero energy community in Ontario shows us that it can be done – today.

Guelph is a critical juncture with two major developments in the city:
1) Clair-Maltby with almost 1,000 acres of land destined for development; and 2) Baker Street re-development that is expected to include a new library, retail, commercial and residential buildings.

We think that both of these developments should meet or exceed the standards that West 5 has set.

Tickets: only 2 more days away
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Posted August 10, 2018

FRIDAY OCTOBER 26th: 4pm – 8pm & SATURDAY OCTOBER 27th: 10am – 3pm

Location: Old Quebec Street Shoppes

Join eMERGE and our sponsors in Downtown Guelph at the Old Quebec Street Shoppes on October 26th and 27th to celebrate ELECTRIC VEHICLES! 

If you visited last year, you will have seen a variety of Electric Cars on display and this year we are excited to introduce Electric Bikes as well.   

Come to hear from EV owners and distributors about their experiences with buying, owning and selling electric cars & bikes. 

On Saturday there will be free test drives for both cars and bikes so come compare the difference between EVs and non-EVs to learn for yourself why Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation.

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Posted August 10, 2018

eMERGE’s Energy Efficient Home Tour event is back this year! We will be exploring another 3 energy efficient homes in Guelph.

Come check out the unique projects and retrofits homeowners have completed to make their home first-class in energy efficiency and conservation and see how they are working towards 100% Renewable Energy in Guelph!

Information regarding the 3 locations & maps will be shared soon.

TO REGISTER for this FREE EVENT visit https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/emerge-energy-efficient-home-tour-tickets-48953799131.

Remember the homes we visited last year? Read more about the efficient homes we visited in 2017 here: https://emergeguelph.ca/the-most-sustainable-homes-in-guelph/.

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Posted August 2, 2018

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to our previous landlords at The Old Quebec Street Shoppes. We more than enjoyed our time in the office space on the second floor and we wish a warm welcome to the new tenants taking over the unit.

eMERGE has MOVED! You can now find us at 10C, the shared working space and community hub at 42 Carden Street directly across from City Hall. We are looking forward to working in our new office space, among many other Guelph based businesses. THANKS 10C!

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Posted June 12, 2018

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/100-renewable-guelph-party-tickets-46979126833

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 certainly sounds like a tall task. And of course, we have a long way to go. But philosopher Lao Tzu nailed it when he said:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

We’ve made that first step with city council confirming their support for the goal, so…

Let’s Party like it’s 2050!
7:00pm – 8:30 Thursday June 21
Red Brick Cafe

We’ll be light on the speeches but have lots of time to celebrate a great first step!

And if that wasn’t enough – June 21 is the summer solstice. A day when solar panels across Guelph bathe in the sunlight for longer than any other day of the year.

Limited space – registration is necessary but free. Complementary light refreshments will be served.

To register for this free event please visit https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/100-renewable-guelph-party-tickets-46979126833.

You can read more on the city’s commitment to 100%RE on our last blog post, https://emergeguelph.ca/city-council-commits-to-100re/.

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Posted June 1, 2018

Exciting progression is taking place in Guelph! With all of your help from the citizens of Guelph along with eMERGE we were able to encourage Guelph to pass the vote on Renewable Energy by 2050 (corporate target)!! This past Monday, City Council approved the target to get Guelph City operations using 100% Renewable Energy by 2050. All city operations including water pumping, waste management, city vehicles and buildings, public transit and more will all transition to renewable energy. 

City Council unanimously accepted Our Energy Guelph’s recommendations for bettering energy consumption and use in Guelph. They also approved the City of Guelph’s associations with Our Energy Guelph as a primary stakeholder and partner. One of the most prominent recommendations for the community is a target to push Guelph to become a net zero carbon community by 2050. Along with that, the task force also recommended these other five actions to be put in place immediately:

  1. Develop energy efficiency retrofit programs for homes built before 1980
  2. Develop energy efficiency retrofit programs for industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings
  3. Develop more efficient building requirements for new homes in Guelph (do better than the Ontario Building Code)
  4. Encourage solar panel installations to help homeowners offset their own household electricity use.
  5. Convert Guelph Transit buses to an all-electric fleet

If you haven’t made the pledge yet, take the steps to commit to 100% RE on our website. This was only part of the good news as we continue to pursue Guelph to become a 100% Renewable Energy city.

Guelph is ready! To learn more about 100% RE visit https://emergeguelph.ca/our-programs/100reguelph/. Make the pledge by clicking the link “Make The 100% Renewable Commitment”.

For the full City of Guelph article, please visit https://guelph.ca/2018/05/council-unanimously-accepts-energy-guelphs-community-energy-recommendations/.

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Posted May 24, 2018

Did you know that this June is Bike Month? From May 28th – June 30th there will be many events across Ontario to celebrate biking.

To kick off this celebration of healthy and fun transportation, Monday May 28th is Bike to Work Day! People across the country will be collectively biking to work together to celebrate cycling.

Sign up for Bike to Work Day on May 28th and you could win a $500 voucher to MEC or VIA Rail! To register visit http://bikemonth.ca/biketoworkday. You can also gain another contest entry by referring a friend or coworker to sign up. Contestants must participate in a Bike to Work or Bike Month event and guess what, you’re in luck!

Guelph is having the Love Your Bike Festival again this year on Saturday June 23rd. It will be located at St Andrews Church, 161 Norfolk St, Guelph. You can learn more about this event at http://bikemonth.ca/events/1588?location=guelph.

We will be at the Love Your Bike Festival to chat about Renewable Energy in Guelph and our Home Tune Up program – but we’ll also compliment your bike skills!  Biking is prominently one of the healthiest modes of transportation for individuals, communities and the globe. To lower your fossil fuel usage, biking can be a big step to changing your emissions. By biking instead of driving you can save anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000 from not having to purchase as much gas. The most efficient way of transportation is using your own energy to transport yourself. It will help you save money and the environment while also getting a workout in at the same time. Come find our booth chat more about it! 

If you are interested in what other events are happening in Guelph for Bike Month you can view the list at http://bikemonth.ca/events?location=guelph.

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