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guelph_watertowerThe Grand River Watershed is the biggest inland water system in Southern Ontario, with the four main channels including the Nith, Conestoga, Speed and Eramosa Rivers. The Grand River Watershed is responsible for supplying water to a large population outside Guelph. Guelph’s water and wastewater network is linked with this watershed where residents rely on groundwater from the watershed for their water supply.

Since 2001, Guelph has added over 15,000 new citizens, but decreased water use by nearly 10,000 cubic metres per day. That is close to 15,000 cubic metres of water less than projected! Since 2007, residents of Guelph have reduced their water use by 17 litres per person per day. For the average Guelph household, this means a savings of 18,615 litres of water per year or more than $50 on the average water bill.

Based on a household size of three people, Guelph’s average household water consumption is 200 m3 per year; the average residential daily water consumption is 184 litres per person. This is significantly lower than the Canadian national average of 274 litres of water per person per day and the Ontario provincial average of 225 litres per person per day. Good job, Guelph! We’ve taken great strides to meet our city’s water needs, but there’s lots left to do.


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