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About Waste

threecartsonwallOntario’s recycling rate has also been improving. In 2008, Ontarians generated 9.63 million tonnes of waste (3.2M residential and 6.4M non-residential), and recycled or composted 2.8 million tonnes, or 22.6%. The Ontario residential recycling rate rose from 19.8 to 22.6% from 2006 to 2006. The average amount of recycling per capita in 2008 was 217 kg. This is more Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, but less than Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and BC. The Canadian average is 254kg, and the highest is New Brunswick with 358kg.

In Guelph, since implementing the 2008 Solid Waste Management Master Plan, the City’s residential diversion (recycling, composting and other household recovery) rate increased from 39 to 68% in 2012. This sets us ahead of the city-wide goal of 65% by 2016, a remarkable accomplishment, and fits with Guelph’s long history of being a leader in waste management.


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