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About Energy

energyEnergy prices in Ontario are generally going up rather than down. Using less electricity, gas or oil in our homes stops us from losing as much money. Often we lose a lot of energy without realizing, and there are generally significant costs to be recovered – without having to sacrifice our comfort. The benefits go beyond home finances, through:

  • Energy conservation reduces the need for expensive expansion of Ontario’s electrical infrastructure (“the grid”).
  • Using less energy will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the fossil fuel-burning appliances in our homes, such as oil or gas burning furnaces and boilers. We also reduce carbon emissions (CO2)and nuclear waste generation associated with the electricity generation.
  • The less fossil fuel we use, the weaker the compulsion to run more pipelines across our communities.
  • Energy conservation reduces incidences of imported energy and its associated carbon emissions: the United States relies heavily on coal.

In Ontario in 2013, approximately 59% of our electricity was produced at nuclear power plants, and 23% via hydroelectric dams. Natural gas gave us 11%, wind 3.4%, and coal 2%. CO2 emissions result from the natural gas-fired power stations and coal plants.


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